Greenwich West is a thoughtful reinterpretation of the classic New York loft building as conceived by an acclaimed Parisian design team Loci Anima, Sébastien Segers and Patrick Blanc. For the project’s marketing campaign, we commissioned the fine artist Aaron Zulpo to create five original oil paintings which depict life within this emerging residential tower.

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My interests lie in narrative painting while creating complicated imagery by segmenting space with natural and artificial barriers. The goal is to always entertain in a relatable fashion while satisfying my need for a complex image space. I lean to towards popular subjects in films and novels create entertaining narratives. When It’s all put together I hope to have achieved something which is spatial complicated while being intrinsically elegant and engaging through the use of colors and patterns. The narrative ends up being the cherry on top. —Aaron Zulpo

Greenwich West boasts one of the most creative legacies in New York. Situated at the nexus of Greenwich Village, Soho, the West Village, and Tribeca, living here means endless discovery of history and culture. Just two blocks west, Hudson River Park winds along the river, indulging you with a picturesque outdoor waterfront oasis larger than Central Park.