Creative Strategy

Creative strategy is a continuous process of discovery, execution, and reflection. Our partners enthusiastically join us on this journey, which translates their core values to authentic digital experience, product, packaging, advertising, art, and photography.


Our logoforms and identity packages were raised by European modernism, and they took wing in New York. They balance the rigor and systematic thinking of the past with today’s energy and disruptive potential.


People know corporate artifice when they see it. Our goal is to connect an audience to storytelling that truly resonates: we find uniqueness; we shine a light on what was buried; we banish jargon.


Live experience is the embodiment of a brand. Working with an extensive network of collaborators, we create immersive events that communicate brand identity to all five senses—and blur the lines between physical environment and emotional world.

Art Direction

We believe not only in brilliance, but also unabashed vision. The members of our project-based teams are all experts in their fields, who confidently work together to orchestrate a brand’s story and foster personal connections.

Digital Design

We believe that clicking a website is only the start of one’s interaction with a brand. Our digital design work produces enthralling virtual worlds, where users learn and feel a compelling story as they navigate its paths, doorways, and corners.

Environmental Graphic Design

We create environmental graphics that operate seamlessly across the built environments. Our wayfinding and signage systems are highly observant of human behaviors, provoking intuitive responses and emotional investment.


Design-thinking is the core of our approach to packaging. We take nothing for granted, as no-nonsense brainstorming accompanies us on every step of our process.


With over 20 years in publishing, we have a deep love of language and a critical voice. We combine our wordsmithing with forward-thinking insight about brand research, identity, art direction, and to create truly compelling content.